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In 2019, Jacobs Poultry started the chicken farm with buying and selling various breeds of free-range chickens and producing free range eggs for their market in Montana and Pretoria North.

Their business quickly changed strategy and perused the Free-Range Chicken market and discontinued the selling of free-range eating eggs. December 2019 Jacobs Poultry and Vanniplaas joined forces and they took over raising and selling of all Vanniplaas’ Potch Koekoeks and Splash & Blue Australorps. In the last couple of years they have sold more than 40 000 Free Range Chickens across South Africa.

2021 They started raising and selling the Black Neck Ostrich and early 2022 they discontinued the free-range chicken breeds due to the declining market and started selling Day Old Broiler Chicks.

Now their main focus is to supply A Grade Broiler Chicks and Export Quality Ostrich chicks to their clients across South Africa.

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Phone: 082 324 5835

Whatsupp: 082 324 5835

Email: sales@potchkoekoeks.co.za


116 Suikerbekkie str, Haakdoringboom, Pretoria

Jacobs Poultry



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