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In the late 1880s, ‘chicken fever’ in England was dying down.People had turned from the novelty of breeding and keeping all sorts of exotic and strange birds for fun and curiosity to breeding a more practical and useful bird.

One such person was William Cook – a coachman living in the town of Orpington in the county of Kent, England. He didn’t start his interest in chickens until later in his life, but he was fascinated by the possibility of breeding a better fowl for both the table and egg production. He began by selecting birds that were good layers and of suitable table size. The three breeds he originally used were Minorca, Langshan, and Plymouth Rocks.

In 1886 he ‘unveiled’ the Black Orpington breed – which became an almost overnight success in England thanks to great publicity. It was bred to be black to hide the dirt and soot prevalent in cities at that time.

The next colour to be revealed was the Buff, which remains the favourite colour of Orpington chickens. Also following along, there were the White and Blue, and Splash colours of the bird.

When Mr. Cook revealed his birds to the general public, he received rave reviews in the UK. It rapidly became the most popular breed in the land and, within ten years, was being exported to other countries, including the US.

If you think of the ‘Orpington’ as a brand rather than a breed, it makes more sense. Breeders created the buff to fulfil a need for a buff-coloured chicken at the time. It is a heritage chicken that has since become a favourite to many people. They were the favourite breed of Queen Elizabeth. The Queen’s Mother, and her flock won several awards for their beauty and grace.

Breed Name: Buff Orpington.
Other Names: Buff.
Temperament: Good at free-ranging, gentle & friendly.
Purpose: Eggs, Breeding, Pets and Shows.
Maturity: Starts laying at 7 months.
Eggs Productivity: 175 – 200 eggs Per year.
Body Size: Extra Large.
Broodiness: Not Good.

Climate: Does well in Cold Climates, struggle in Hot Areas.
Comb: Single.
Size of Eggs: Medium to Large.
Colour of eggs: White to Light Brown.
Colour of bird: Buff, Goldish.
Weight of Fully Grown Rooster: 4-5kg
Weight of Fully Grown Hen: 3-4kg

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