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(Will only be available 2022)

In 2019 we hatched our first two white chicks, and out of curiosity we decided to raise them. Feb 2020 the only two, known as the “The Originals” laid their first egg and continued to do so every day. In a cycle of 4 weeks she gave us 27 eggs in 28 days, resting one day a month. With this phenomenal layer abilities, we decided to pursue this opportunity further to see if we can create the perfect egg-popping free-range chicken.

Two problems we faced was the size of the chicken and we did not have another bloodline. 2020 we bred them bigger and created another bloodline. Early 2021 our first hen, dual purpose, laid her first eggs, bigger than her mother and just as good, giving us an egg a day and resting only one day in a one month cycle.

This awesome new free-range layer was made possible through the following well know breeds: Australorp, Plymouth Rock and Potch Koekoek.

The remaining of 2021 we will be focusing on the expanding and number growth of our parent stock, to release this new free-range egg pooper to South Africa and surrounding countries in 2022.

They lay bigger and more eggs then your average free range chicken, and weighs more then your Potch Koekoek, Rhode Island Red and Boschvelder, this will make the roosters ideal for the free range meat industry.

Breed Name: Australorp.
Other Names: Black Australorp, Australian Orpington.
Temperament: Good at free-ranging, gentle and friendly.
Purpose: Eggs, Breeding, Pets and Shows.
Maturity: Starts laying at 8 months.
Eggs Productivity: 198 eggs Per year.
Body Size: Extra Large.
Broodiness: Not Good.

Climate: Most Climates.
Comb: Single.
Size of Eggs: Large to Extra Large.
Colour of eggs: Light Brown to Brown.
Colour of bird: White.
Weight of Fully Grown Rooster: 3-4kg
Weight of Fully Grown Hen: 2-3kg

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